Scott Davis


Ideal Use: human rights, sociology, U.S. foreign policy, economics, history

An American traveling alone meets smugglers, mystics, revolutionaries, Bedouins, wise men, secret police – and other ordinary Syrians.

Scott C. Davis is a journalist whose recent book, The Road from Damascus: A Journey Through Syria, cuts across genres to bring personal observation, history, culture, politics, and ideas to address the central issues of a volatile Syria by detailing the lives of its ordinary men, women, and children. He chronicles meetings with Christian, Muslim, and Jewish members of Syrian society and introduces some Syrian artists and writers who are creating a vibrant modern culture – a “next step” that surpasses the Islamic radicalism of 9-11.

In addition to his informative talk, Scott Davis can provide a multicultural, multimedia presentation that helps builds a bridge between the East and West.

Davis has also written The World of Patience Gromes: Making and Unmaking a Black Community, a narrative that traces several “striving” African-American families from slavery to the War on Poverty.

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