Omar Barlow

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For the last 12 years, Barlow and his wife, Jeneen, have been on a mission to help people live a life of excellence through their motivational speaking company, Barlow Enterprises. With individual coaching, the Barlows hope to help others discover their sense of purpose, identify their gifts and talents, set goals for their lives and ultimately fulfill their destinies. These practices have become a staple in their organization and gained them worldwide acclaim.

As a result of his company’s success, Barlow went on to co-found, as well as become the CEO and principal of a “passion-based” early college in Philadelphia, called Eastern University Academy Charter School. The curriculum allows students in grades 7 through 12 to take college courses.

Omar Barlow believes that every person has a purpose to fulfill. He is confident that fulfilling that purpose will ultimately lead them to an awesome destiny. As a gifted teacher, motivator, and leader Omar seeks to assist as many people as possible to discover purpose and maximize their full potential.

He often quotes, “The richest place in the world is the cemetery.” He believes the issue this quote pinpoints is that many die without ever discovering who they really are. Consequently, they take all that they are to contribute to the world — to the graveyard. In light of this truth, Omar is committed to “dying empty.”

As the former President and Co-founder of the Verity Group, a professional speaking company, Omar encouraged listeners to adhere to purpose-centered principles for personal and professional development. Omar sensed that there was a realm of knowledge beyond academia that could, if intentionally sought after, transform people’s lives. He observed that many who appeared to be successful, satisfied, and content were secretly frustrated, confused, and in need of direction and motivation. They needed to discover their unique purpose so that they would become free from the prisons of status, prestige, peer conformity, apathy, and false ideals of success.

This observation ignited a press in Omar to provide leadership in various areas that would inspire and motivate people to capture a glimpse of who they could become. A few of the topics on which he presents include: young adult development, leadership, spirituality, and maximizing potential. While attending his alma mater, Omar also served as the President of the Black Student Union; Senator of Student Government; as a Residence Life Assistant; and as a lecturer along the east coast. Omar earned a BS in English with a minor in African American Studies from West Chester University . He has also earned a M.Ed. in Multicultural Education and a Principalship Certification from Eastern University.

As an English teacher at North Penn High School, Omar’s teaching style transcends traditional approaches. He uses literature as a vehicle to teach students life-lessons. Omar contends that learning should be challenging, but in order for students to fulfill their full potential he also believes that learning must be fun, relevant, interactive, and interesting.

When Omar is not conducting seminars or teaching, he enjoys spending time with his, Princess, Jéneen Barlow. Omar considers his wife to be a very special gem in his life, a person that has definitely multiplied his life’s purpose. They have a home filled with love, joy, and peace. Omar also loves reading and visiting family and friends. Life for the Barlows is continually becoming more excellent each day.

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