Jeneen Barlow

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Jéneen Barlow is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Barlow Enterprises (BE) and of Freedom Brokers International (FBI). She is a national speaker, consultant, life strategist, and the author of Don’t BE Scared. BEspeak!: How to Prepare, Present and Inspire your Audience to Take Action.

Barlow Enterprises (BE), a consulting and motivational speaking company, provides the business and education sectors, students, families and individuals with the processes they need to “Work. Love. Live. BE More Excellent.™” While both Jéneen and her husband speak, train and conduct professional development on various topics at universities, non-profit organizations and businesses nationally, BE is most well-known for its Destiny Statement ™ Institute (DSI). The Institutes trains and commissions BE Life Scholars annually. This is an elite network of individuals who know their mission in life and who are committed to serving, through those missions, as global agents of social change.

Jéneen Barlow is passionate about affecting positive change in the lives of those she meets. As a gifted artist, teacher, and mentor, Jéneen seeks to help people realize their innate gifts and talents then use those gifts and talents to enrich their lives.

She often quotes, “You are not destined to live in fear but to be empowered by love and clarity of mind.” Jéneen believes the fact that our society infrequently validates our strengths and accomplishments, has damaged many people’s sense of worth. Still, she is absolutely convinced that each of us — regardless of age, sex or race — possess inward treasures that once discovered and brought to bear, transform our present and our future. The more significant fact, for Jéneen, is that when we get better, those around us get better. So, in accepting the challenge to change we not only positively affect our lives but the lives of every person in our sphere of influence.

Presently, Jéneen is the Vice President and Co-founder of A More Excellent Way Presenters, Inc. Through keynote addresses, lectures, seminars, workshops, and artistic presentations, this motivational speaking and empowerment through the arts company inspires, educates and equips people to live lives of excellence.

A graduate of The Creative and Performing Arts High School of Philadelphia and of the Wharton Young Entrepreneurs Program, Jéneen has been involved with the arts for 19 years. She enjoys collaborating with other leaders that share her mission to empower, educate, and motivate through the arts. Since graduating from Rider University with a BA degree in Elementary Education and a BA degree in Sociology, and from Eastern University with a MA in Urban Economic Development, Jéneen has used her unique background to teach, dance, and establish vehicles for empowering youth through adults to overcome their inhibitions and to do exactly what they would do if they had no fear.

A few topics on which she presents are: young adult development, leadership, spirituality, relationships, and overcoming fear. Articulate and mild, yet poignant in her approach, Jéneen is skilled at searching out the audience’s needs and providing them with the information and motivation they need to become instant agents of change. Whatever the need, she is creative in her address and often uses dance or visual arts to further clarify the principles of the AMEWP, Inc. Process on which she is presenting.

Jéneen’s passion for education and for assisting others in transforming their lives is further evidenced in her role as Assistant Director of Graduate Recruiting at Eastern University . She uses the information she has to counsel prospective students in choosing programs of study that agree with their skills, talents, and life’s purpose. Jéneen successfully assuages the fears of those she assists and she convinces them that they already own what they need to pursue their passions.

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