Britt Bailey


Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Food

Ideal Use: science and politics, health and diet, biotech ethics programs

Britt Bailey is Director of the Environmental Commons which encourages involvement in the democratic process to defend our environmental heritage – water, air, biodiversity, and genetic variability – known as ‘the commons.’ Conserving environmental quality is undeniably linked to the quality of our own lives – our health, the health of our ecosystems, and the health of future generations.

Britt has written extensively on the misuse of pesticides, bioengineered food crops and biodiversity. With Marc Lappe, she co-authored Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food (Common Courage, 1998), which slashes through corporate propaganda to give consumers information they need to make decisions themselves.

Bailey is senior editor of Engineering the Farm: The Social and Ethical Aspects of Agricultural Biotechnology (Island Press, 2002) and producer of Against the Grain: The Video and is co-author of Cutting DNA (forthcoming). Both books address genetic technology and ethics issues.

Environmental Commons works to preserve our natural areas, protect wildlife, and promote sustainable policies using education and informed discussion. It is based in northern California operating on all levels of government including local, regional, and national.

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