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small_andrewrice 911 FAMILIES – family members of those killed on September 11th who have united to turn our grief into action for peace
small_arcana JUDITH ARCANA – is a writer and performer whose poems, stories and essays appear widely. Her books include What if your mother, a collection of poems and monologues.
small_bailey BRITT BAILEY – eco speaker: corporate take-over of food, pesticide misuse, biotech ethics
small_jbarlow JENEEN BARLOW – her inspirational presentations affect positive change in people’s lives
small_o_barlow OMAR BARLOW – dynamic motivational speaker empowers, educates people for excellence
small_barsamian DAVID BARSAMIAN – “Alternative Radio” founder and host; topics: media, propaganda, US foreign policy
small_brechin GRAY BRECHIN – An author and lauded historical geographer, Dr. Gray Brechin’s inspiring presentation on the New Deal legacy, “Another World Was Possible” reminds those who have forgotten what government at its best can do to promote peace, education, and the common good.
small_cohen JEFF COHEN – former MSNBC and Fox pundit; topics: TV, censorship, media balance, accuracy. His last book was Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures With Corporate Media.
belvadavis_square BELVA DAVIS – an award-winning journalist who became the first black woman hired as a television news reporter in the western United States and helped change the face and focus of TV news.
small_davis SCOTT C. DAVIS – Syria author & expert. Will the US invade Syria? Should it?”
small_delavega ELIZABETH DE LA VEGA – award-winning federal prosecutor and author of U.S. v. George W. Bush
small_andrewrice THOMAS DRAKE – While at the NSA, he blew the whistle on multi-billion dollar programmatic fraud, waste and abuse.
STEVE EARLY – Labor journalist, lawyer, organizer, or union representative since 1972. Author of Embedded With Organized Labor: Journalistic Reflections on the Class War at Home
small_eisler RIANE EISLER – a legendary speaker internationally known for her bestseller, The Chalice and the Blade
small_ellsberg DANIEL ELLSBERG – In 1971, this former government made history by releasing the top secret Pentagon Papers to the press. Also lectures on dangers of the nuclear era, unlawful interventions and urgent need for patriotic whistle-blowing
small_erlich REESE ERLICH – prolific journalist, film producer and co-author of Target Iraq: What the News Media Didn’t Tell You
small_grace TOM GRACE – The newest member of Progressive Voices, Tom is a survivor of the 1971 Kent State shooting and author of “Kent State: Death and Dissent in the Long 60s,” an account of that tragedy.
small_hightower JIM HIGHTOWER – Author, radio commentator and host, inspiring public speaker and political sparkplug, this Texan has spent more than two decades battling Washington and Wall Street on behalf of consumers, children, working families, environmentalists, small business and just-plain-folks.
small_paulakamen PAULA KAMEN – witty, incisive, journalist, author and speaker focusing on women’s and health issues
small_kimmel MICHAEL KIMMEL – nationally known expert on men and masculinity from a pro-feminist perspective
small_leemartin MARTIN LEE – award-winning investigative journalist and author of Smoke Signals: A Social History of MarijuanaThe Beast Reawakens and Acid Dreams
small_lindorff DAVE LINDORFF – veteran journalist with several books including THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! RESISTING THE DISINTEGRATION OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY
paul_loeb_80x80 PAUL LOEB – citizen empowerment author; books include: Soul of a Citizen and The Impossible Will Take A Little While
small_lydersen KARI LYDERSEN – her book shows human faces of immigration and global economic policies like NAFTA and FTAA
small_davidoaks DAVID OAKS – This leader of the psychiatric survivors “Mad Movement” challenges the power of the psychiatric drug industry today.
small_parry ROBERT PARRY – journalist broke Iran-Contra scandal stories & how the CIA changed press corps
small_rampton SHELDON RAMPTON – co-author with Stauber on PR, Iraq war propaganda, environment and science
small_simona SIMONA SHARONI – feminist scholar, activist addresses militarization and gender dynamics in Middle East
small_shawrandy RANDY SHAW – activist/attorney: how to organize successful environmental, human rights campaigns
small_shor IRA SHORR – veteran nuclear weapons and foreign policy expert with PSR and hilarious performer of political satire
small_siporin ALAN SIPORIN – former NPR journalist; teachers use novel Fire’s Edge on racism, hate crimes.
small_solomon2 NORMAN SOLOMON – national columnist, media critic and director of Institute for Public Accuracy; last book was War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Spin Us to Death
small_stauber JOHN STAUBER – co-author with Rampton: PR, propaganda, “greenwashing” pseudo science. His new book is The Best War Ever: Lies, Damned Lies, and the Mess in Iraq.
small_wagner BHAVIA CAROL WAGNER – Author and activist for Cambodian issues including human rights and eco-tourism
small_tj_walker T.J. WALKER – This keynote speaker gives more than 100 keynote speeches and training sessions a year on leadership communication, media and presentation skills. His most popular speech is “Bully Pulpits: Speaking Secrets of World Famous Leaders.”
james_workman_80x80sq JAMES WORKMAN – Award-winning author of The Heart of Dryness speaks on what indigenous people can teach us about water scarcity and climate change adaptation.
small_zunes STEPHEN ZUNES – national expert on Middle East, U.S. foreign policy and terrorism

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