Paul Otte

ottebanners2Create A Brilliant Color Silk Banner 100′ Long!

Ideal Use: Any environmental, cultural, human rights orientation or homecoming programs

Here’s a way to involve your student body in a memorable program. Northwest master batik artist Paul Otte helps students create giant, brightly colored silk banners for permanent public display on your campus. Having recently returned from visiting Indonesia where batik art thrives, Paul guides those with and without artistic experience in the use of brilliant color dyes, wax and innovative methods.

Large numbers of students can participate on a “drop-in” basis preferably at a highly visible campus location in producing over a two day period one long silk banner up to 100 feet long or several smaller ones. Ideal for generating excitement and participation in a program with a theme such as “saving endangered species” for Earth Week or appreciating cultural diversity during Black History month. The unveiling of your students’ batik art at a prominent campus location could be a wonderful way to dramatically begin or end your campus program.

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