Kari Lydersen

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Ideal Use: Any program related to foreign or domestic policy especially on issues related to immigration, fair trade and global economic policies

Kari Lydersen writes regularly for The Washington Post, the Chicago Reader, In These Times, Alternet other publications. She is the author of “Out of the Sea and Into the Fire: Latin American-US Immigration in the Global Age.

lydersonbookBased on extensive travel and reporting in Latin America and immigrant communities in the US, the book shows the “human faces” behind global economic policies like NAFTA and the proposed FTAA. She also reports widely on environmental policy and environmental racism, healthcare and prison issues. She is a youth journalism instructor with the non-profit organization We The People Media, working with youth who live in public housing or attend alternative high schools in Chicago . She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism in 1997 and currently lives in the largely immigrant Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago.

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