Jim Hightower

jimhightower_125x225America’s Most Popular Populist

Ideal Use: Motivational, political, human rights, environmental, media programs

No one in America delivers a motivational speech like Jim Hightower, bringing home a hard-hitting political message yet keeping his audience doubled-up with laughter. In the tradition of Mark Twain, Will Rogers and Woody Guthrie, he delivers more than 100 speeches a year.

Jim Hightower has been described as that rarest of species: “a visionary with horse sense and a leader with a sense of humor.” Today Hightower is one of the most respected “outside Washington” leaders in the United States.

Author, radio commentator and host, public speaker and political sparkplug, this Texan has spent more than two decades battling Washington and Wall Street on behalf of consumers, children, working families, environmentalists, small business and just-plain-folks.

His most recent book is IF THE GODS HAD MEANT US TO VOTE THEY WOULD HAVE GIVEN US CANDIDATES. His previous book about America’s class war, THERE’S NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD BUT YELLOW STRIPES AND DEAD ARMADILLOS received rave reviews. Jim Hightower’s wildly entertaining and informative talks invite his audiences to address the “outsider viewpoint” that the “insider media” usually ignores or trivializes. He highlights “crime in the suites” as well as “crime in the streets” and greedhead failures as well as grassroots successes.

His new, monthly action-oriented newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown, provides his unique populist insights into the shenanigans of Washington and Wall Street, offering subscribers timely information, arguments and language to use in battling the forces of ignorance and arrogance.

armadillosDenying the liberal label, Hightower says, “I’ll admit my interests aren’t with the Fortune 500, but that doesn’t make me a liberal. Liberals talk about a stronger safety net. But populists go about building a ladder. I believe in the first amendment. I believe in power to the people, and I believe in America. I’ll call that populist.”

In his populist view, “the real political spectrum in America is not right to-left, it’s top to-bottom, and the vast majority of people aren’t even within shouting distance of the economic and political powers at the top.” Hightower’s heroes are all the underdogs of America who have been left out by the Establishment.


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