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davidmathison_180pxDavid Mathison is an internationally recognized media consultant, author, keynote speaker, talk show host, hi-tech entrepreneur, and event producer. His book, BE THE MEDIA, was featured in the NY Times after he sold over 5,000 copies in 11 days via his web site, Twitter, and Facebook. He has given keynote presentations everywhere from the United Nations to Columbia University, from Berlin to Cairo. He is host of an award-winning radio show whose guests have included author Seth Godin, Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly, singer Jill Sobule, craigslist’s Craig Newmark, and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales.

From 1994-1999, Mathison was Vice President with Reuters, the world’s largest news agency, where he pioneered online content syndication. As founder and CEO of the Kinecta Corporation (now part of Oracle), he raised $30 million in under 2 years.

Mathison is the Executive Producer of Home Aid, America’s largest carbon-neutral event to benefit the homeless and those facing foreclosure. He serves on the Board of Directors for HomeAid.org, the Media Freedom Foundation, and Speakers Without Borders, an international non-profit created to support professional speakers who are committed to inspiring the human spirit in under-served communities though the power of the spoken word.

Mathison served on the Board of Conveners for the Marin Community Media Center (San Rafael, CA), the Board of Directors for Webhood.org (Cambridge, MA) and the Mountain Play Association (Mill Valley, CA). He is a Deacon at Westminster Presbyterian church (Tiburon, CA).

What they’re saying about David Mathison…

“I write to express my appreciation for your participation in yesterday’s meeting on social media and for your valuable contribution to our efforts to embrace new media at the United Nations. I note with interest your innovative ideas, such as harnessing the willingness of the public to work on special projects. As you have rightly pointed out, people are eager to find connections and to align themselves with a worthy cause. This, indeed, carries a great potential, and I hope that in the coming months we are successful in translating those ideas into action.”
– Kiyo Akasaka, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, United Nations

“As someone who has booked hundreds (thousands?) of speakers in 17 years at Columbia and for various other organizations, I can tell you that David is an ideal speaker. He knows his stuff, is witty, and can motivate a group like very few others can. He works well with a crowd of hundreds or with an intimate group of decision-makers – he’s done both kinds of gigs for me. Book him and you’ll want him back almost immediately.”
– Professor Sree Sreenivasan: Dean of Student Affairs, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

“David Mathison’s BE THE MEDIA presentation provides a reawakening of spirit for practicing journalists and is a guidebook for citizens eager to communicate in the big sense. At the Southeastern Europe New Media Conference hosted by the US Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia in November 2009, David had both journalists and citizens in rapt attention to his creative ideas and practical suggestions.”
– Kent S. Collins, Chairman, Radio-Television Journalism Faculty, Missouri School of Journalism; Conference Director (hosted by the US Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia)

“David Mathison is one of the top speakers to visit campus in my 21 years at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He was comfortable collaborating with students, faculty and professionals. Omaha Press Club Foundation board members rated him very highly. David helped our faculty to understand the huge changes underway in the media business. Less than one month after his visit, we had rewritten the mission, vision and goals statements for the entire School of Communication to reflect a new way of thinking about our media curriculum. David helped us to get there.”
– Jeremy Harris Lipschultz, Ph.D., Professor & Director, School of Communication, The University of Nebraska at Omaha

“David Mathison was easily one of the top speakers we’ve had in our 34-year-history…the audience couldn’t get enough of him! Everyone was totally riveted to what David had to say!”

– Irwin Zucker: Founder, President Emeritus, Book Publicists of Southern California; President, Promotion in Motion

“David Mathison is a wildly informative presenter whose entrepreneurial prowess, personal knowledge, and genuine understanding of how to build an author’s platform through the smart use of accessible, inclusive-media technologies both inspires and empowers.”

– Michael Steven Gregory: Executive Director, Southern California Writers’ Conference

“David was the perfect choice for the Keynote address at our 2008 Western Region Alliance for Community Media, held at Denver’s impressive Cable Center. David’s comprehensive understanding of the evolving media landscape, and the opportunity these changes represent for widespread, popular involvement in a new form of democratic, participatory media shone through in each word of his inspiring presentation.”

– Tony Shawcross: Executive Director, Open Media Foundation

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