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small_hightower JIM HIGHTOWER – Author, radio commentator and host, inspiring public speaker and political sparkplug, this Texan has spent more than two decades battling Washington and Wall Street on behalf of consumers, children, working families, environmentalists, small business and just-plain-folks.
small_paulakamen PAULA KAMEN – witty and incisive journalist, author and speaker focusing on women’s and health issues
MICHAEL KIMMEL – nationally known expert on men and masculinity from a pro-feminist perspective
small_leemartin MARTIN LEE – award-winning investigative journalist and author of The Beast Reawakens and Acid Dreams
small_lindorff DAVE LINDORFF – veteran journalist with recent book, The Case for Impeachment
PAUL LOEB – citizen empowerment author; new book: The Impossible Will Take A Little While
small_lydersen KARI LYDERSEN – her book shows human faces of immigration and global economic policies like NAFTA and FTAA
small_davidoaks DAVID OAKS – This leader of the psychiatric survivors “Mad Movement” challenges the power of the psychiatric drug industry today.
small_parry ROBERT PARRY – journalist broke Iran-Contra scandal stories & how the CIA changed press corps

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