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Discover why and how you can ‘climate-proof’ your city, your campus, your church or your business…using timeless strategies perfected by the oldest civilization on earth.

By tapping into his self-deprecating humor, dramatic stories, political savvy and the timeless wisdom of the Bushmen of the Kalahari, Workman engages audiences from his first spoken words and goes on to show how climate adaptation is water adaptation, and why human resilience starts with the individual.

heart_o_drynessSample videos of talks, interviews and readings include:

Photos, critical acclaim for and reviews of the book

Workman customizes his program to meet the diverse audiences that have booked him repeatedly in the past. He has delivered keynote speeches before: Yale, Clemson, North Carolina, Montana, Cal Tech.

“I have heard Jamie speak to a wide variety of audiences, professionals, college students, and politicos, and he has a keen knack for reading and quickly assessing his audiences. He makes the dry sizzle, the complicated easy, and the mundane, entertaining. He is quick with his wit and his sparkly eye charm.”  –  Bobby McCormick, Professor Emeritus and BB&T Scholar, The John E. Walker Department of Economics, Clemson University

  • Civic organizations (Commonwealth Club, Cosmos Club, Institute for Current World Affairs, League of Women Voters)

“Workman’s near-death experience upon entering the Kalahari places him, and us, in a position so primal that compassions suffuses every ensuing perception of the Bushmen….showing a way back to accountability, sustainability, abundant life, and hope.”- David James Duncan, author of The River Why and The Brothers K

“Here are the universal politics of water uncovered by a storyteller who, from despair and tragedy in the Kalahari, opens our eyes to the planetary struggle under way to secure water for life on earth.” –  Mark Smith, Head, Water Programme, World Conservation Union

  • Government agencies (U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of the Interior, California Water)

“Fascinating. A great adventure story. The water challenges of this century must be informed by looking back in time to traditional desert cultures like that of the Bushmen.”  – Bruce Babbitt, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior

  • Non-Profits (World Conservation Union, Property and Environment Research Center, Los Altos Morning Forum, The Nature Conservancy)

“More than anyone I know, Jamie Workman bridges the gaps between humanist, economist, and scientist. In so doing, Jamie is able to weave a story line through theory and data in a way that few others can. Like reading his work, listening to him captures your attention and interest while entertaining and educating you at the same time.” –  Terry L. Anderson, Executive Director, PERC, Bozeman, MT, and John and Jean DeNault Senior Fellow, Stanford University

  • Businesses and Industry Associations (Napo Pharmaceuticals, World Water Council, Corporate Water Footprint, American Chemical Society)

“Thank you for your excellent contribution to last week’s conference (speaking on businesses and the human right to water). You played your role as session chair to perfection. Someone commented to me afterwards that you demonstrated great knowledge, insight and skill in what good have been a tricky discussion. I couldn’t agree more.” –  Andrew Slavin, Event Producer, Green Power Conferences

“Workman engages audiences as few others can. He reaches the hearts and minds of an environmentalist audience in powerful ways. He conveys energy, credibility, and commitment.” –  Walter N. Thurman, W.N. Reynolds Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics, North Carolina State University/University North Carolina, Raleigh, NC

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