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small_rampton SHELDON RAMPTON – co-author with Stauber on PR, Iraq war propaganda, environment and science
small_simona SIMONA SHARONI – feminist scholar, activist addresses militarization and gender dynamics in Middle East
small_shawrandy RANDY SHAW – activist/attorney: how to organize successful environmental, human rights campaigns
small_shor IRA SHORR – veteran nuclear weapons and foreign policy expert with PSR and hilarious performer of political satire
small_siporin ALAN SIPORIN – former NPR journalist; teachers use novel Fire’s Edge on racism, hate crimes.
small_solomon2 NORMAN SOLOMON – national columnist, media critic; new book is War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Spin Us to Death
small_stauber JOHN STAUBER – co-author with Rampton: PR, propaganda, “greenwashing” pseudo science. His new book is The Best War Ever: Lies, Damned Lies, and the Mess in Iraq.
small_wagner BHAVIA CAROL WAGNER – Author and activist for Cambodian issues
small_tjwalker1 T.J. WALKER – This keynote speaker gives more than 100 keynote speeches and training sessions a year on leadership communication, media and presentation skills. His most popular speech is “Bully Pulpits: Speaking Secrets of World Famous Leaders.”
james_workman_80x80sq JAMES WORKMAN – Award-winning author of The Heart of Dryness speaks on what indigenous people can teach us about water scarcity and climate change adaptation.
small_zunes STEPHEN ZUNES – national expert on Middle East, U.S. foreign policy and terrorism

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