Services for Schools

We provide expert speakers who are authorities in their field, researchers, authors, national commentators and award-winning journalists. Our speakers inform and entertain students and community groups nationwide. We offer cutting edge lecture and performing artist programs for every budget whether it be for a convocation, orientation or a coffeehouse.

Our user friendly, accessible service helps program planners not only find the right talent but also enjoy the process of organizing a successful event.

One of the advantages of going with a smaller agency is the friendly, efficient service we provide that goes beyond the eight hour, five day week schedule. You can call or email anytime and will likely get a response immediately or within 24 hours at most. Based on our extensive track record in putting on and coordinating events, we can problem-solve with you so that your event can end up being successful, fulfilling and fun for all your organizers.

Recently we hired website designer John Jordan-Cascade who created our exciting new interactive website. We intend to keep it current and interesting for school reps, activists and the general public to visit and use as a resource. To reflect this substantial change, we decided changing our name was also appropriate. After considerable research, we settled on “Progressive Voices” as the best choice especially given our politics, our progressive members and our vision for a better world committed to peace, justice and sustainability. We hope you agree and accept this invitation to use our services.

Services for Speakers and Performers

Two years ago we made strategic changes at Progressive Voices (formerly Speakers and Performers Clearinghouse) by focusing more on promotion through the Internet and less on conventional mail and phone outreach. We hired website designer John Jordan-Cascade to develop our interactive website. Our intent is to keep it current and interesting for school reps, activists and the general public to visit and use as a resource. For example, we collaborate with the Institute for Public Accuracy allowing viewers access to daily news releases listing progressive analysts, activists and their views on the latest breaking stories.

Best of all, the new site is much more useful to our members. Faster updating of their web pages is now available. Paid members will also be featured throughout the year in the “showcase” slide show and elsewhere on our new website home page. We will encourage members to use a future website blog and to have their video excerpts edited and added to the website movie page for $50. 

This web site created by Cascade Creative Productions