What is Progressive Voices?

We are one of only a few agencies that we know of that promote progressive speakers and performers through outreach to schools, community groups and broadcast media outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Presently 43 speakers and performers are on the Progressive Voices roster. More about us

How do we best decide which speaker or performer is best for us?

We recommend carefully reading the web pages on our site, taking notes and noticing what catches your imagination and meets the criteria your group has established for deciding which programs you should choose. For example, if your group had decided upon the topic of the sixties culture, your research at our site would reveal that author Martin Lee would be ideal for your program because his excellent presentation based on his popular book “Acid Dreams” captures that time period very well.

How much do your speakers and performers charge?

The standard fees are listed below and do not including travel expenses. Such fees are negotiable and may often be reduced depending on whether another engagement is scheduled nearby or if a tour is coming through your area anyway. Other factors determining the fee would be whether the sponsors are schools or grassroots groups and the demands of the scheduled events. For example, it would cost more if it is expected that the speaker or performer appear at classes throughout the day rather than for only a single appearance in the evening.

What if we want to book a certain person but our budget is too limited to be able to afford him or her?

This is a common problem in these days of tight budgets. It’s usually worthwhile at least discussing the situation with us. Not only could other factors you’re not aware of possibly lower the price, but also we may have some suggestions for how to generate the shortfall such as providing you the names and numbers of other potential sponsors on your campus or in your community. If you ask at least once, the opportunity may arise allowing you to bring your preferred choice to town.

If we run into problems organizing the event, can we get any assistance from the Clearinghouse or are we out of luck?

Please check our services page for more information on the kind of assistance we provide.

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