Progressive Voices (formerly the SPEAKERS CLEARINGHOUSE) is dedicated to promoting the diverse voices with ideas and solutions critically needed in our global community today. As a public service, we provide access to independent media and to analysts and activists addressing the vital issues of economic, environmental and social justice.

Progressive Voices is a current associate member of the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA).


Principle People

Former English teacher David Zupan, the founder and director of Progressive Voices, is also a media activist who volunteers part-time for IPA,  a national organization working for more diversity in the media:

Tom Berg is our office computer expert who provides timely, crucial technical help and often creative solutions at Progressive Voices along with a good sense of humor.

John Jordan-Cascade is our webmaster who is responsible for our brand new website with all its impressive features. For more about his documentary work and the web design and graphics services he offers, go to:

Tom Thielson is a veteran consultant, graphics artist, film editor and media activist whose dependable help at Progressive Voices is creative, professional and much appreciated.

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