Hello Prospective Members of Progressive Voices:

If you are an author, analyst, activist, speaker or performer, you might find Progressive Voices a good fit to meet your needs. Over the past two years, we have added some exciting improvements including new services and benefits described below.

+ What Progressive Voices Offers You

A dependable and accessible agency with a 25-year history, Progressive Voices promotes speakers and performers addressing the environment, human and civil rights, as well as global, multicultural, media, women and gender issues. Using our extensive databases, we have often set up media interviews for authors doing national book tours such as Reese Erlich, Paul Loeb, Norman Solomon and currently Belva Davis with her autobiography Never in My Wildest Dreams. We prepare your promotional materials and provide graphics work as needed for our new website and newsletter. We send the latter (like the one attached) to contacts mostly at schools throughout the U.S. Obviously the website and email outreach publicizing your availability for engagements alone cannot guarantee bookings will occur. When there is interest expressed, we follow up with phone calls, and if all goes well, negotiate the best deal we can for you including travel expenses. If you want to promote a new book coming out or increase your chances of our booking a paid engagement for you, we recommend the “monthly contract” described below.

+ New User Friendly Website

Perhaps the most important change at PV is the major upgrade of our website at (progressivevoices.org). Using a new Word Press design, the new site attracts more “traffic” from those searching for information about breaking stories and hot topics from progressive analysts and activists as well for those seeking speakers and performers. That is because we post blogs on almost a daily basis featuring analysis and commentary from our current members and the latest news releases on breaking stories from the Institute for Public Accuracy. To increase our traffic, we suggest those of you with websites link with progressivevoices.org.

If you decide to join PV, send one hi-res photo to feature you on our home page flash slide show and any relevant video or audio excerpts you provide can be placed on our “Video” page. Another advantage with our new site is that we can edit any of its pages quickly. New members will want to provide the following information:

1) Email your bio material as you want it to read on your web page and any photos or book cover graphics.

2) Include a list of issues you can address for the “Topics” page.

3) Send your standard and minimum fee after expenses for our list you can find by clicking on “About Us” on our home page and then “Speaker and Performer Rates.”

+ Free Speaker Presentation Training

One of our new services for current members is free access to online media training worth $295 and designed to improve your public speaking skills, media presentations etc. through Media Training Worldwide. They help you become a better communicator for media and speaking opportunities. MTW will find out your needs, create a specific series of videotaped exercises and simulated TV/media interview or speaking situations and then practice, practice, practice.

+ National Association of Campus Activities Directory Listing

Progressive Voices is a Regional Associate Member of NACA with members at 950 schools from around the country. Current members are listed in the NACA Directory with the preferred title of your presentation or performance. (You must be listed exclusively with PV). We also can help current members apply for “showcasing” at the NACA Western regional convention this November 3-6 in Spokane, Washington. Note that the showcase app deadline is 6/21/11. The nonrefundable cost to apply is $125. (If accepted, additional fees are required by NACA but well worth the cost since multiple bookings are assured for all who are showcased).

+ Monthly Contract for Additional Promotion

There are two levels of negotiable monthly contracts: “Basic Promotion” in the $1500 to $3000 range and “Full Promotion” for $6000 to $10,000. We guarantee interviews at small and medium size outlets under the Basic contract. With “Full Promotion,” we guarantee interviews on large regional outlets and national shows such as Jim Bohannon, Bev Smith, Tavis Smiley and C-SPAN Booknotes. Though we cannot guarantee bookings with schools and organizations, they are more likely to occur with such promotion. Contract work must be reserved in advance to guarantee availability. (See attached contract form.) Another advantage of a monthly contract is the 20% commission for paid engagements rather than our usual commission of 30% of the net speakers’ fee (after travel expenses).

+ $100 Membership Discount Available Until 6/30/11

You can take advantage of a special early bird discount of $100 off the $300 annual membership fee for new members who pay by May 31st. Remember after the first year, members may defer paying the annual fee until a paid engagement is completed through Progressive Voices. We hope you decide to join us by completing and mailing the contract form below.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email back.



David Zupan, Director of Progressive Voices

Phone: 541-484-9167 Email: zupandavid@gmail.com


(Please check appropriate spaces, sign, date & return)


______ I’m joining Progressive Voices as a new member for $200.
(Note this $100 discount is available only for payments made by 6/30/11)

_____ I’m a past member wanting to activate my membership to current status for $150
(Note this $150 discount is available only for payments made by 5/31/11)

_____ I’m a past member who will pay the 2011-2012 membership fee of $300 after
completing a paid engagement through PV.


_____ I’m interested in the free Media Training Worldwide on-line program designed to
improve my public speaking skills and media presentations. (usual fee: $295)

_____ I want to apply through PV for NACA “showcasing” at its regional conference
scheduled for November 3-6 in Spokane, WA at a nonrefundable cost of $150. Note
that the showcase app deadline is 6/21/11.

_____ I’m interested in negotiating a contract for “Basic Promotion” to (circle one:
schools, media outlets, both) for the month(s) of ______________________________.

_____ I’m interested in negotiating a contract for “Major” Promotion” to (circle one:
schools, media outlets, both) for the month(s) of ______________________________.

(Note: Under monthly contract the commission for booking paid engagements is 15% of
the net speaker’s fee instead of 30% charged otherwise)

_____ Total Amount Enclosed

(Send copy of this page with check made out to: David Zupan, Progressive Voices, 870
W. 23rd Ave, Eugene, OR 97405 or use your major credit card by emailing your number,
expire date & zip code to zupandavid@gmail.com)

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