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     Kelly and Brollier are with the group Voices for Creative 
Nonviolence. They are just back from over a month in Pakistan and 
Afghanistan. Several articles they have written are on the group's web 
page: http://vcnv.org .

     Kelly said today: "As violence escalates and the war prolongs, the 
question isn't what does the U.S. want. It's what do people in 
Afghanistan want. There's real fear of the Taliban, but people ask why 
the U.S. invaders and their warlord clients should run the country. 
There are an estimated 850 children dying every day (see Save the 
). Meanwhile, we're spending $1 million per year just to deploy one 

     Brollier said today: "There are serious consequences of these 
military operations which the U.S. urges Pakistan to undertake. Last 
year, in the Swat Valley, 2 million people were made refugees in ten 
days. There are still people living in refugee camps who are now 
destitute. The Pakistani military continues to occupy homes in areas 
where people were forced to abandon their villages. Most people we 
talked to were upset with the U.S. Many feel Pakistan is being pushed 
into destructive blunders by the U.S. -- they face the retaliatory 
backlash from the military offensives that the U.S. insists Pakistan 
must wage, ostensibly to dislodge Taliban groups."

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