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Maguire is professor of moral theological ethics at Marquette
University and is the author of “The Horrors We Bless: Rethinking the
Just-War Legacy.”
He recently wrote that in Obama’s Nobel Prize address the president
“hoisted his petard on the classical ‘just war theory,’ a theory that,
properly understood, condemns his decision to send yet more kill-power
into Afghanistan. This theory, which is much misused and little
understood, is designed to build a wall of assumptions against
state-sponsored violence, i.e. war. It puts the burden of proof on the
warrior where it belongs. It gives six conditions necessary to justify a
war. Fail one, and the war is immoral.” See Maguire’s analysis of the
six conditions: .

Executive director of the National Priorities Project, Comerford
just wrote the piece “$57,077.60: Surging by the Minute,” which states:
“We could have dedicated that $30 billion [of escalation costs] to job
creation. According to a recent report issued by the Political Economy
Research Institute, that sum could generate a whopping 537,810
construction jobs or 541,080 positions in healthcare, or fund 742,740
teachers or employ 831,390 mass transit workers. …
“In Afghan terms, our upcoming single year of war costs represents
nearly five times that country’s gross domestic product or $3,623.70 for
every Afghan woman, man, and child.”
The UN estimates Afghanistan’s 2008 per capita GDP at $466, the CIA
at $800.

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