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     Blaylock and Huntington are part of the "Mad as Hell Doctors" who 
left Oregon in early September in a "Care-A-Van" traveling across the U.S.

     They will be holding a rally in Washington's Lafayette Park from 4 
p.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30.

     A retired primary care internist now living in Rockville, Maryland, 
Blaylock said today: "I'm mad as hell because health care in America has 
become a web of business entities. It's focused on [making] a profit 
instead of doing what's right for all of us. There are no quick fixes, 
but a single-payer model would reduce administrative waste, free 
patients to choose their own doctors and facilitate job mobility."

     A radiation oncologist from Oregon, Huntington said today: 
"Americans aren't getting the information they need to make an educated 
decision about healthcare. The reality is that a single-payer healthcare 
system has been working in other countries for decades and it can work 
here. But there's so much misinformation, so much undue corporate 
influence, that the truth doesn't penetrate."

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